Company profile

Ungor-Eco is a young and fast growing company established in 2016.
We are the team of managers who has been cooperating more than 10 years.
We have solid business background and experience in various business segments.

Ungor-Eco has business relations with well-known Trading house Ungor which has been operating successfully on food market and dealing with main retail chains in Moscow and Central Federal District. Our team has done food market research as a result high-potential niche for olives has been detected for development. At the moment many customers in Russia are looking for natural eco products at a reasonable price. That is why we have created a brand “Ellenica”.

Our approach:

  • Strict qualification and ongoing monitoring of producers
  • Natural products grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals processed manually or mechanically without advanced processing
  • Lack of colorants and preserving agents

Oleg Shadrin — Commercial director
tel. + 7 (495) 777-40-64 ext.245

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